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Best Tips for Stunning Underwater Photos on iPhone-Part One

Underwater photography can be rewarding, but be cautious of taking your expensive iPhone into a swimming pool. Here are our top tips when taking underwater photos on iPhone.

Underwater photography is fun and rewarding, where you can capture stunning nature shots and memories. With the release of the new iPhone 7 and its water-resistant IP67 rating, it has a lot of people wondering if you can take the iPhone 7 underwater to take photos.

In short, you can take underwater photography with your new iPhone 7, but you can still take photos if you've got an older iPhone with a waterproof case. Here are our top tips for taking underwater shots.

How to take underwater photos on iPhone: Setup

Before going underwater, make sure you've setup your iPhone properly to take photos with ease. When you're underwater, it will be hard for you to use the touchscreen of your phone, however you can use the volume keys to take photos, just ensure you know which button to press or go into your Camera app and configure the settings - this includes the resolution you wish to shoot at, the filters you want to apply to the video resolution (if you intend on taking one).

When you are underwater you should not hold back in taking multiple photos. You are bound to get photos that turn out horrendously, from the wrong focus to bad lighting, there's a lot that can go wrong underwater - no matter your level of photography skills, when you're underwater it's a whole different ball game.

It also might be common sense, but make sure you're fully charged up before entering the water. Taking a lot of photos and videos can consume a lot of battery, and the last thing you'll want is to run out of juice. Apple state that you should not attempt to charge a wet iPhone, and we would agree. If you need your phone after taking underwater shots, we would recommend letting it dry for several hours, before connecting it to any power source - this also applies when wanting to extract photos from your iPhone!

How to take underwater photos on iPhone: Lens

The iPhones have different lenses and cameras, where they will produce a different end result. In this respect, we would recommend looking into different lenses for your iPhone - these can often be bought as a simple clip-on for your iPhone.

There are so many options available on Amazon (to mention one of many retailers) that offers a lens clip-on for your iPhone. These aren't usually meant for underwater photography, but most will work when clipped on your iPhone waterproof case, or on the iPhone 7. Try experimenting with different lenses, as you might find a wide angle or fisheye lens can result in a drastically different result.


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