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The Best Microphone for Karaoke

Nothing can beat the feeling of singing your heart out shamelessly while your friends watch and laugh (both with you and at you!). For those of us with a golden voice box, our go-to playlist of karaoke songs is finely crafted with thought and time. For others, merely opening up that book, closing our eyes and picking whatever song our finger is pointing at will do. If you’re at home or somewhere that does not provide a professional machine, it is very affordable in picking up your own karaoke gear. The microphone you use requires a specific type, and to our avail, karaoke mics are pretty cheap. Here are the best we could find.

How to choose your karaoke microphone

There’s a pretty big difference between a karaoke mic and a professional condenser microphone. When you’re searching for a karaoke mic, you want something relatively cheap yet still provide some decent quality in order for your vocals to be heard clearly. Here’s our checklist:

Your budget. As always, the first and foremost aspect of shopping for the mic is what you can afford. Surprisingly there are some cheaper models out there specifically for karaoke.

Wired or wireless? Both have their perks — wired are cheaper and ensure you have a stable connection and clear sound quality, whereas wireless karaoke microphone is a lot more convenient and less of a hassle when you karaoke. The only problem we may have with wireless is the chances of interruption, but if you grab a stable model and don’t travel too far away from the receiver you should be fine.

Be sure to also check out the best karaoke machine if you haven’t picked one up yet, although most of these come with their own mics so if you’re also buying a machine, double check to save some money. Be sure to read our best karaoke machine article if you’re still looking to pick up your main unit.


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