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Some Good Holiday Gifts

The best holiday gifts are things that people have been wanting or admiring. This seems like a simple guideline, but unless the person you are buying the gift for gives you some clues, it can be a daunting task. The same is true for people that seem to have everything.

One clever idea, if you are crafty, and willing to put some time into it, is a money wreath. Giving money is usually considered impersonal and tacky. The money wreath makes it a unique and wonderful gift. It's best for a family with children, but just about everyone will love it.

First get a wire clothes hanger, and bend it into a wreath shape. You will need some dollar bills, different colors of curling ribbon, and assorted holiday candies. Make sure the candy is individually wrapped so that it has a bit of the paper twisted at the ends. You will need to fold the dollar bills accordion style horizontally and tie a length of curling ribbon to the middle. Tie it to the hanger and curl the ribbon. You will then tie each piece of candy to a piece of ribbon, and tie those to the hanger, curling the ribbon on each. Alternate the bills with the candy till the hanger is full. It takes a bit of time and patience, but the result is beautiful and dramatic, and can be hung inside the persons house.

Holiday flower arrangements are perfect for the person that has everything. It brightens up their home or office, and gives them a nice pot or vase that can be used later, or just stored away for next year.

If the person you are buying for likes to go out, a great idea is a pre-paid dinner or dining coupon at their favorite restaurant. Tickets to a show or play would be great also, but make sure of date details first if possible. You want to make sure the person can use them.

If they like to cook or bake, you can look over all the latest kitchen gadgets at a kitchen store. Whatever the hobby, there are always new supplies in the marketplace.

Let's not forget jewelry. If the person wears it, you can be sure that tasteful gems are always appreciated. Try to keep in mind also, that just because you notice they don't wear a watch, for example, doesn't mean that they need or want one. It could just mean that they don't like to wear watches.

The most important thing is to know the person you are buying for and get the most appropriate gift. It shows them that you were paying attention and that you care.


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