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Facebook Messenger Lite Will Reduce Your Data Usage: 5 Things to Know

Facebook has come up with several new features recently and is planning to bring about many more in the recent future. Working with a mission to connect the world by improving access to the Internet, Facebook is coming up with features to help overcome barriers including poor connection speeds.

When the internet world is buzzing with Google's new launches and announcements of its products for low bandwidth modes, the social media giant Facebook too is not keeping behind in this spree.

Targeting to touch another billion lives, Facebook today has rolled out a 'Lite' version of its Messenger app. The aim is to cater to those people accessing the website on slow connections or with older phones as part of the social network's battle for dominance in emerging markets. So, here are 5 interesting things you should know about the new advancement.

1. Content Sharing - Facebook enables you to share only photos, texts, and links using the lighter version.

2. No Video-Calling Facility - Keeping the aim to make chatting more accessible for slower internet connection users, Facebook has restrained the video calling facility in this Messenger 'Lite'. 3. No Messenger for Business - Last year Facebook added a new wing Messenger for business to connect businesses with their potential customers. However, the new Lite version user will not have access to this facility.

4. Only for Android Smartphone Users - It is no surprise that android gives the best platform to the app developers to become innovative and it is also the most affordable smartphones for the buyers. Hence, Facebook has chosen this platform for reaching out to their next billion.

5. Not yet for Indian Users - As a part of the initial launch, Facebook is currently making the service available for only 5 countries. That includes Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. However, the India release is not yet confirmed from the company executives.


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