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How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Gifts?

Choosing the best wholesale gifts depends on whether your focus is usability, customization, or price. Unless the gifts are for a very targeted group, it is usually a good idea to purchase goods that can be used by most people. If the gifts are meant to be promotional, only some wholesale companies customize gifts, and this limits the kinds of gifts available. In addition, the purpose of buying wholesale items is typically to save money, and the best wholesale gift might have little to no shipping costs and be inexpensive itself.

If you are not sure whether the vast majority of potential gift receivers will use a specific item, it is probably best not to choose that gift. The best wholesale gifts are flexible and can be used by almost anyone. For example, wholesale candles or even wholesale home decor are everyday items that people can easily incorporate into their homes.

Promotional wholesale gifts can first be customized to sport your organization's or business’s motto, logo, or colors. Mouse pads, ballpoint pens, and t-shirts are just some promotional gifts frequently given away to current and potential customers. Promotional gifts are best when they are an item that can be interacted with on a day-to-day basis, for people to be reminded of where they received the gift. For example, water bottles, pencils, and refrigerator magnets are often used or at least seen every day.

The best wholesale gifts are often inexpensive in addition to being something your customers truly like and use. Wholesale companies usually give deeper discounts based on how much you order in a single batch. If the order is large enough, they may even offer shipping deals and coupons off future orders. Depending on the company, it is sometimes possible to call the office and speak to a salesperson to discuss even cheaper prices. While this does not always work, it is usually worth an attempt to see how cheap the company is willing to go.

In the end, the best wholesale gifts depend on their purpose and your budget. Once you have decided what to order, however, make sure the wholesale company is reputable by reading online reviews and confirming its physical address. The least desirable outcome is receiving low quality products or discovering the company has a habit of not shipping orders.


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