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How to Guarantee Success With Your Launch-Party Swag

A thoughtful, surprising gift creates brand advocates out of attendees, clients and their family members.

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But gifts achieve the desired effect only when used appropriately. Poor planning results in cheesy trinkets and shortages that make brands look disorganized and cheap.

Winning the gifting game
Companies that get gifts right make powerful impressions. Free food and booze are all well and good, but they’re also standard at launch parties. A party artifact that evokes positive emotions and reminds people of how much they enjoyed the event will inspire them to connect with the brand in the future.

Here’s how companies can avoid missteps and can use gifts to throw successful launches:

1. Include gifting in long-term planning strategies.
The No. 1 reason gifts fall flat is a lack of planning. Apple is known for its product launches because it plans ahead. No detail is left to chance, and none other than the CEO presents a carefully crafted speech about the latest offering. Approach your own company's launch strategies with the same attention to detail. Discuss gifts at the very first planning meeting: How can the company differentiate itself in this area? Businesses often purchase attendee gifts as afterthoughts. That’s how businesses end up passing out garbage that doesn’t represent their brands or their values.

2. Don’t waste time on second-rate gifts.
Focusing on the in-person experience is better than giving tacky gifts, which embarrass the giver. Media are far more interested in airing how brands mess up than in promoting their products, so junky or absurd gifts are what land in the headlines. While such coverage won’t permanently hurt an established company, it can cost startups significantly in terms of revenue and reputation.

3. No gift budget? Leverage social media.
Most startups don’t have the resources to throw free launch parties, let alone give attendees remarkable swag. Some companies can make the case for these expenses if they can tie them to lead and sales generation, subscribers, press mentions and social media shout-outs.

Overall, gift strategies can be challenging, but they’re also great opportunities to connect with audiences. People love to receive free items, as long as there are enough to go around! So, incorporate the right gifts into your launch party -- and plan and budget for them -- to provide a long-lasting boost to your brand


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