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12 Shipping and Packing Tips for Business Gifts—Part Two

7. Shipping Cookies and Baked Goods
Shipping baked goods happens a lot. The first step in shipping an awesome gift of cookies or baked goods is … well, picking the right stuff to ship. In general moist, firm and hard does better than brittle. Use crumpled newspapers, packing peanuts/pellets, paper towels, and bubble wrap to line the bottom of the box. Then add food containers with the heaviest on the bottom. Leave space between food containers in the box and fill in the space with packing material. Finish packing with paper and then shake down the packing material to be sure the box is tightly packed so food containers can’t shift around during shipping.

8. Provide an Inside Label or Business Card
Include a secondary label with shipping information or business card on the inside of a package is a great way to prepare for this possibility. This may allow your shipping company to deliver your package even if the exterior label has been lost or damaged.

9. Don’t Assume! Check Shipping Schedules
As General George Patton once said, “Plans are worthless but planning is essential.” As you plan on shipping packages and have a short window of time to get them there (such as around the Holidays) plan ahead. Take a moment right now and look at a calendar. Then look at a map or schedule for the shipping service you plan to use. Don’t take the concept of “overnight” shipping for granted.

10. Check Local and International Holiday Schedules
Trying to send something in time to arrive on Boxing Day in the United Kingdom? How about on Rizal Day in the Philippines? In either case, expect delays. So next time you’re sending a package in time for Nourouz in Albania, you’ll be aware there’s no pickup or delivery that day.

11. Take Advantage of Tracking Services
All major shippers also offer free tracking. That way, you’ll know that gift reached its destination or not.

12. Expedited Shipping is an Option, of Course
Some customers might want their orders tomorrow. Or you might need to get a last minute gift out fast. Finally, we’ve focused in this piece on UPS, FedEx and the post office. But we don’t want to dissuade you from exploring other shipping options, including local messenger services in your area, as well.


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