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8 Ingredients for Awesome Promotional Gifts--Part One

It’s no wonder that promotional gifts for clients are so popular. Promotional gifts are a $2.2 billion industry (PDF) according to the Promotional Products Association International. Corporate gifts have the power to please clients and prospects by showing you’re thinking of them. Done well, they also make your business more memorable. They help convey what your brand stands for — be it playfulness, creativity, productivity or something else.

There’s certainly a place for simple swag — such as a coffee mug showing your product and a cute saying, or a reusable tote bag with your brand logo on it. Swag is great for trade show giveaways. But the promotional gifts that really make an impression on me are those that go beyond the standard branded promotional items.

A marketing gift for clients to remember your company by can be distilled down to some concise pointers. When it comes to developing ideas for promotional gifts, consider these eight guidelines:

1. Create Something Unique
Yes, unique. After all, to remember a promotional gift, it has to be different.

2. Make it Thicker than an Envelope
People get excited to open packages. When they see a package or box, anticipation builds. An element of surprise is built-in because they don’t know what to expect. It’s much more exciting to receive a package, versus an email or a flat letter. (OK, maybe if the letter is telling you that you won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes it can be more exciting than a package, but how often does that happen?) There’s a place for a handwritten thank-you note or card - and you should send them. But those aren’t promotional gifts. The point is, create a sense of anticipation when people receive your gift.

3. Give the Recipient Something to Do
As in, don’t get your customers a set of bookends. Nothing against bookends — they’re fine for the right situation. But if you give clients and prospects something they can touch and assemble and use, it may stick in their memory better. Make the item interactive - something that just begs the recipient to touch it, assemble it or interact with it.

4. Make it Relevant
Does your promotional gift relate to your business? Can you weave a story around the item that conveys some meaning about your business? The most memorable corporate gifts reinforce the business you are in. The item itself or something about it brings to mind your product or service or the benefits you provide.

5. Let it Be Creative and Classy
Need I say, don’t look cheap? Look, no one in a small business wants to spend a lot of money on promotional gifts. We want the item to be inexpensive. But cost and impression are two different things. The cost should be cheap in cost - but a great marketing gift should not look cheap or seem cheap or generic. It should seem classy and creative.


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