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12 Shipping and Packing Tips for Business Gifts—Part One

Ever get a gift (or any package for that matter) only to find it was broken, crushed, crinkled or mangled beyond recognition? After spending time and money to choose the perfect gift for a client, the last thing you want is for the recipient to open up a broken mess. Proper packing and shipping is in order. Here are 12 shipping and packing tips for business gifts — or anything you need to ship:

Packing Tips
Even if you’ve been shipping packages for years, it’s quite possible you’ve been packaging wrong or at least not as well as you could. In this first section we’ll cover some advice for packing items — advice you might not have seen elsewhere:

1. Remove Old Shipping Labels - Do you reuse old shipping boxes? That’s a great idea. It’s frugal and ecologically responsible. Old labels also make the package look like you just don’t care. So pull those puppies off before re-labeling your packages.

2. Get Free Boxes from Your Shipper - Major shippers and the U.S. postal service all provide free boxing and packaging options. Remember, there may be limitations on the size or weight of items eligible for certain size boxes. Also, for very fragile items, you may want to use your own larger boxes to accommodate extra cushioning such as bubble wrap and peanuts around items.

3. Use the H-Tape Method - What’s the H-tape method, you ask? It’s a way to properly apply tape to a package, to keep it from opening up. Simply apply tape along all the open seams of your box when you seal it. That will make an H-shape across the box’s upper surface - hence the name “H-tape method.” And if you have an irregularly shaped box, again just make sure to apply tape along all the open seams when you seal it.

4. The Tape Makes a Difference - When sealing your package, the tape you use makes a huge difference. Use plastic or reinforced paper tape designed for packages (usually 2 inches wide). Tape should be a minimum of 60-lbs. grade. Avoid using cellophane tape (e.g., regular Scotch tape) or masking tape. It seems obvious why not to use masking tape or cellophane tape. Neither is very strong. And never use rope or string to seal packages either. String and rope can get caught on equipment and either break or the recipient could end up with mangled packages.

5. Nest a Box Within a Box - Sometimes one box just won’t do, especially with a very fragile item. Two boxes - a box within a box - provide double the protection. The trick here is that you have to insulate completely around the inside box.

6. Using Crumpled Newspaper? Beware the Ink - Even though other options exist, using crumpled newspapers as a cushioning material is something a lot of people do. Remember when using newspaper to consider the ink. Newspaper ink can bleed off onto other materials it contacts. So be careful when wrapping that beautiful item not to package it in a way that the newspaper ink smudges it in the process.


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