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Unique Experiences - The New Corporate Gift

Holidays is the time of the year when we get an opportunity to show our love for our families, express our gratitude to our employees, and show our appreciation to our business partners. Most of the time we do so through gift-giving.

And who doesn’t love gifts, right?

Well, it turns out that when it comes to corporate gift-giving, not a lot of people are looking forward to getting surprises in the mail. This year especially, a lot of frustrated tweets and Facebook posts flying around… from “Oh no! More holiday gifts that I don’t need” to “It’s that time of the season… time to haul out all the junk I got from other companies.”

Gifts or gestures that allow you to create memories that are special to you – that is ultimately the best thing you can ever get someone. And a lot of times it only requires a little bit of effort, a little thought put into it. There is really no better way to say “we appreciate you.”

The best gifts are the ones that create experiences. Because at the end of the day experiences, and the memories those experiences enable, matter the most to us. So let’s choose meaningful experiences over traditional presents this holiday season and the next. It’s easy to opt-in for a “safe” gift. But if you put a little extra thought and just a bit of your heart into it, you will build authentic relationships with people around you (customers, employees, vendors, partners, investors). And that is priceless!


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