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The Do's and Don'ts of the Office Secret Santa--Part Two

Do: Attempt to find out about your recipient.For large offices where gift givers and receivers may not know each other, SourceEC recommends organizers put together a small questionnaire that fits on an index card to help gift givers get to know their receivers. Questions such as your favorite hobbies, favorite cuisine or favorite holiday treat can help gift givers get something they know their receiver will enjoy. 

Don’t: Get gifts that are personal.Avoid personal items such as perfume that can be considered romantic, especially if given from a male to female colleague.

Do: Stick to generic gifts.These gifts are probably going to be opened in an office setting and you don’t want to raise eyebrows or make the person feel uncomfortable. Avoid gifting clothing as people may be sensitive about others in the office knowing their size, or worse, if the gift giver guesses the inaccurate size. One-size-fits-all clothing, on the other hand, such as mittens or a scarf are great gift ideas. Other generic gifts such as a candle or picture frame are also appropriate office Secret Santa gifts.

Do: Thank your gift-giver.Even if you don’t like your Secret Santa gift, you should still show your appreciation for the gesture and thank your Santa. Remember, the Secret Santa exchange is between colleagues who may not know your taste, so there shouldn’t be an expectation that the gift will be exactly what you wanted.

Don’t: Whisper to your co-worker how much you hate your gift.Remember office gossip can spread like wildfire. You’d hate for word to get back to your gift giver that you dislike your gift. Remember, the Secret Santa is supposed to be a light-hearted, fun activity. It’s not about the gift and whether you like it, it’s about the activity itself.


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