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Holiday Gifts: What to Give?

Holiday Gifts: What to Give?

For many entrepreneurs, the holiday season is typically fraught with decisions about what gifts to give your clients and employees. But this season, coming just a few months after the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history, the idea of gift-giving is taking on a whole new dimension.

Now more than ever, you need to be especially sensitive to clients' and employees' emotions, regardless of whether your recipients were personally affected by the tragedy. Gift-giving in general would have been curtailed, at least to some degree, due to the recession-but add to that the severity of the situation as a result of the terrorist attacks, and this no doubt will be a solemn holiday season.

Many businesses have even decided to give to charities in lieu of gifts this season, particularly if they give gifts to clients. When it comes to employees, though, you might be better off consulting with them first.You can ask [employees] if they would rather that you took the money that you were going to give them and give it to a [charitable] organization.

Everyone is so unhappy right now and concerned about jobs and everything, I think to give gifts to them is still going to be important.


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