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Do You Really Know Corporate Gifts Advertising?

Corporate gifts advertising is when a company uses free gifts as promotional tools. These are sometimes also known as promotional gifts, promotional corporate gifts or promotional products. The company might use a corporate gift to promote its brand or a specific product.

The use of corporate gifts advertising accomplishes two goals for a company. First, it gets the company’s brand or product into the public eye. People might see a promotional corporate gift on the subway, at the store or in line at the bank. Second, corporate gifts advertising encourages customer retention. When a customer receives a free gift from a company, he or she is more likely to think favorably about that company the next time he or she want to make a purchase or needs a service.

The items used in corporate gifts advertising should have certain features. For example, the brand or product logo is a very important element to have. The company’s physical address, website address an contact information also is crucial, so that potential customers know where to find the company’s products or services. A catchy tag line can also help turn people who see the gift into customers.

Corporate gifts can be cheap and given out to many people or might be expensive and given only to select individuals. It is easy for a company to get hundreds of cheap promotional gifts into the public eye, but a recipient is more likely to use and keep an expensive gift. For example, a company can hand out free promotional pens at a trade show, or it can give out free promotional T-shirts or reusable shopping bags to customers who place an order that costs more than a certain amount of money.

Companies should choose gifts that will be seen the most. Mugs might be used mainly at the recipient’s home, although a recipient might take a mug to work if it is lightweight or thermal. Hats, shirts, umbrellas and reusable shopping bags, however, are more likely to be used in public. Pens might be used at home or in the office by individuals, or a company might give them to banks or other companies for use at the counter.

Every items used in corporate gifts advertising should be chosen with a purpose. Important decisions include deciding what type of product will be more effective at getting a brand or product in the public eye and what type of gift customers are likely to prefer. The potential life of the product also should be considered. After it is no longer useful to the customer, it is no longer an effective advertisement.


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